Expansion joints provide a seamless balance between stability and flexibility.

Structural Expansion Joints For Bridges & Buildings

Invest in the longevity and stability of your infrastructure with our Structural Expansion Joints – where strength meets innovation, and reliability meets excellence. Build with confidence, build with us.


Our Services

Bridge Expansion Joints

We are providing a diversity in bridge expansion joint models depending on the infrastructure. our main moto is to deliver the best durable products along with their longevity.

Building Expansion Joints

The building expansion joint is the prominent feature installed between the sections of building. We supply a vast variety of building joints specially designed for the seismic purpose which gives tremendous strength to the building structure.

Bridge Bearing Pads

Our company serves the high-quality certified bridge pad encompassing all the criteria essential for a bridge structure. we provide different types of multifunctional bridge pads meeting the international standards.

Road Safety Products

We are known for suppling a wide range of best quality reliable road safety products ensuring protection and preventing accidents. our products are technically proven in fulfilling the demand of safety first.

Pre-Stressing Products

We are skilled and proficient in providing prestressing material as well as prestressing services as per structure designer demand. which boost our confident and pride in this domain.

Customize Rubber Profile

We deliver to our client the effective features of dam gate seal in different profiles and dimensions which are prepared by moulded or extrusion process in the required shape.

What makes Pioneer Techniques an obligatory brand in the constructional engineering world?

We are reformers who divert the people towards critical thinking for a better transformation in engineering community.

Our company is well known and renowned which works with the objective to serve the best. We have been working since 2003 encompassing all the standards and policies essential for business deals. Our products fulfill the demand of the customers, building a trustworthy relation among us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading brand providing top-notch construction and engineering services at an affordable price. our work philosophy, values, and specialization allow us to integrate new markets and revolutionize the market for the benefit of our clients and employees.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the global construction giants whose services would be desired by all and sundry. We are sensitive to the environment in which we operate and customer satisfaction is our major priority.

Our Team

Team work we place value on teamwork. We work in a team to achieve a sommon goal. We leverage teamwork to foster creativity and learing, blend complementary strengths, build trust, and teach conflict resolution skills.

Our Values

Our Values guide the way we behave. our value system reflects how we operate our business and it is the foundation that shapes everything we do.​

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